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DreamSpace Records, a subsidiary of DreamSpace Pvt Ltd, empowers aspiring musicians by transforming their passion into successful careers.

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Welcome to DreamSpace Records, a subsidiary of DreamSpace Pvt Ltd, dedicated to empowering aspiring musicians and transforming their passion into successful careers.

With a focus on community, mentorship, and professional development, DreamSpace Records is a record label designed by musicians, for musicians.


DreamSpace Records is an innovative record label revolutionizing the music industry by empowering aspiring musicians. We provide a supportive platform that fosters creativity, offers mentorship, and connects artists with their audience. Our mission is to nurture talent and help musicians realize their full potential.


We empower musicians with comprehensive services, guidance, and mentorship. We facilitate music production , distribution, and artist development, fostering thriving careers. Through collaborations and networking, we help artists build connections, expand their reach, and achieve their musical aspirations.


We believe in the transformative power of music and support aspiring musicians. We break down barriers with a supportive community, expert guidance, and essential resources, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and succeed in the industry.

Meet Artists

Dinoj Mahendranathan

Dinoj is a Motivated figure in the music industry known as ‘Dinoj M’. Passionate musician with 3+ years experience in digital composition and track recording. He has been building a sustainable peace through music to help communities face many levels of conflict more creatively.

My Work

→“Snatch” is an action-heist short film that adds a competitive and comedic spin to the genre. This film follows the vicious fight between the most brutal, cunning, and crafty thiefs over an immeasurably valuable key.

→DreamSpace Academy brought the Digital Naturalism Conference to Batticaloa (Sri Lanka) in 2022, where international scientists (field biologists), artists, technologists

→The short film was written and directed by artist Nicolas Rodriguez, who attended this conference and background score composed by Dinoj M.

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